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Overview The ALI Master's of Science in Architecture (MSArch) with a focus on Drylands Design is a one-year post-professional degree produced with and for public benefit. Integral to your studies will be the conception, research and development of design solutions that serve as a bridge between... More
We are going to do some rapid-fire catching up with quick news spots from each month in 2011. For more frequent posts with drylands design resources, upcoming events, and opportunities, join us on facebookMore
ALI hosted faculty representatives of every accredited design program in California for a one-day colloquium, “Thinking Water.” Held Saturday, February 12th, at Woodbury, the event generated great input into framing the Drylands Design Competition + Conference. ALI is grateful for the input of... More
Our AIA/California Council and CAF partners invited us to deliver a Continuing Ed Session as part of this year's Monterey Design Conference . We expected 20 to 30 people, and 80 showed up. That gives us a strong indication of the hunger out there in the design professions for more information on:... More
The Drylands Design Conference---a month ago!--yikes!----was quite a wonderful milestone in the public conversation around water scarcity and design of the built environment. One hundred seventy people attended. The feedback has been very positive, and we will be harvesting its fruits for some considerable time to come. In the meantime, ALI sends a big (if belated) thank you to the behind-the-scenes teams -----More
The Architecture + Design Museum > Los Angeles (A+D Museum) has extended the DRYLANDS DESIGN exhibition, now on view through May 15, 2012. A+D is located at 6032 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, directly across the street from LA County Museum of Art.More
Water + Resilience The fourth annual Celebrando las Acequias brings together farmers, anthropologists, architects, scientists, historians, and artists to consider: • How is resilience defined in your work/your practice/your field? • By what measures is a system considered 'resilient'? • What are... More
ALI offers a one-year Master's of Science in Architecture with a focus on Drylands Design. The one-year design thesis includes GIS training; policy labs; history and theory; and civic engagement, all with a focus on adapation to a changing hydrologic cycle. Join us for a brief overview of the... More
Featured in the January 2013 Millenials Issue of Architect , a trio of undergraduate students at Woodbury University’s Arid Lands Institute used a studio project to explore how Dixon, New Mexico, could better manage decreasing water levels from snowpack and increasing seasonal flash flooding. Rhana... More
Journalist Sarah Rich features ALI as she explores water scarcity and design of the built environment in Design Decoded @ Smithsonian.com. Her seven-part series, Design for a Water Scarce Future , ranged from California agriculture to urban stormwater, from remote imaging of diminished groundwater... More
Architectural Firm’s $15,000 Gift Aimed at Assisting Students Entering ALI’s Master of Science in Architecture Programs LOS ANGELES (July 30, 2014) – Woodbury University ( www.woodbury.edu ) and AC Martin Partners, Inc. ( www.acmartin.com ) today jointly announced establishment of the AC Martin... More
Join us on Thursday April 16th at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City as part of the Sink or Swim exhibition and lecture series. ALI co-directors Hadley and Peter Arnold will share landscape photography from ancient sites in the US west and experimental geospatial modeling tools in... More
AIA College of Fellows Awards 2015 Latrobe Prize to Woodbury University Arid Lands Institute for ‘Drylands Resilience Initiative’ $100,000 Award Will Fund Development and Testing of Proprietary Design Tool that Supports Water-Challenged Communities to Capture Stormwater Resources BURBANK, Calif. (... More
Join us for a Dry Futures download with jury and Archinect organizers, Saturday night September 19th, 7 to 9 PM. Jai & Jai Gallery, 648 North Spring Street, Los Angeles. Jurors of the Dry Futures Competition will have a conversation about the issues that framed the competion, winning entries,... More
The LA Times ran an Op/Ed on September 20 in support of the LARRC and Gehry Partners masterplan for the LA River . While the re-design of a well-adapted drylands city can use all the creative collaborators it can get, the Times is off in its estimation of three things: the role of daydreamers,... More
A changing climate means a changing water cycle. How will arid and semi arid cities adapt? How will new tools and design methods maximize the recovery and re-use of urban runoff, enhancing city's public spaces while meeting water supply and climate objectives? Our team is delighted to be part of... More