"Rural Recharge" in Architect Magazine January 2013

January 2013 Millenials Issue of Architect ALI Students Rhana Ahmadi, Eric Arm, and Jesse Cabildo
October 29, 2013

Featured in the January 2013 Millenials Issue of Architect, a trio of undergraduate students at Woodbury University’s Arid Lands Institute used a studio project to explore how Dixon, New Mexico, could better manage decreasing water levels from snowpack and increasing seasonal flash flooding.  

Rhana Ahmadi, Eric Arm, and Jesse Cabildo, undergraduates of Woodbury School of Architecture, grappled with modifying irrigation and planting strategies on a landscape scale using inexpensive, locally sourced materials to help with flood control, septic treatment, irrigation for farming, and aquifer replenishment.  Small seed ditches would help prevent erosion; diversion dams would help control flood waters.

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