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Ingenious Landscapes: Indigenous Infrastructures and Sustainable Design for Drylands June 15-18, 2012; Mission Embudo, Embudo/Dixon, NM Program Includes: “History to Live By: Puebloan Peoples Farming on the Edge.” Kurt Anschuetz PhD, Anthropologist, Rio Grande Foundation for Communities and... More
Celebrando las Acequias 2013 HERE \ NOW: Drought, Climate Change and the Lower Embudo Valley Overview The sixth Celebrando las Acequias, an annual gathering “exploring land, water and culture in the Lower Embudo Valley,” occurred on Saturday, July 13th, 2013. This year’s Celebrando was different... More
Overview The ALI Master's of Science in Architecture (MSArch) with a focus on Drylands Design is a one-year post-professional degree produced with and for public benefit. Integral to your studies will be the conception, research and development of design solutions that serve as a bridge between... More
“Mapping California’s Water-Energy Nexus,” 2010. ALI Technics Studio: GIS and the Visualization of Water, Energy, and Climate Data.More
Nowhere are the opportunities for global leadership in water-smart design greater than in the US West. Shifts in the economy, demographics, and climate are requiring westerners to rethink the centralized, energy-intensive water systems of the 20th century. What do design professions have to... More
Design professions have an unrecognized potential to catalyze public imagination in response to the challenges of climate change.More
ALI's Metropolitan Water District/World Water Forum Research Published in Boom: A Journal of California. Water scarcity presents a profound opportunity to designers of the built environment. The questions reach beyond, where do we get more water? Or, How do we make do with less? The answers do not... More
Divining LA is a collaborative, multi-year initiative designed to seek, reveal, and champion a water-smart future for Los Angeles, and to position LA as a leader in drylands design globally. Divining LA brings together teams of scientists, engineers, architects, landscape architects, artists,... More
Celebrando las Acequias 2013 facilitated rare valley-wide dialog among the commissioners and parciantes of the Lower Rio Embudo acequia communities. In July, in the face of extreme water stress, fifty neighbors came together to learn from each other, clarify roles and responsibilities, exchange... More
ALI's work with the people of the Lower Embudo Valley is featured in The New Mexico Environmental Department's Winter 2014 newsletter. Read about the watershed planning project, funded by the EPA Clean Water Act, in Mike Matush's article here .More
ALI Studio Fall 2014: Divining LA ARCH 691 Grad Studio 5a Peter Arnold, instructor T, F 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m cross-listed with ARCH 489 Design Studio 4B, ARCH 491 Design Studio 5A This Fall the Arid Lands Institute offers an intensive graduate research studio investigating the role urban fabric and... More
Vote for Divining LA Voting in the LA2050 challenge is now open, and Divining LA needs your support. Vote here . Divining LA is a collaborative, multi-year initiative designed to seek, reveal, and champion a water-smart future for Los Angeles. We urge the drylands design community to support... More
Join us in New York on Saturday February 7th, 1 pm to 7pm, for The Five Thousand Pound Life: Water. Organized and presented by the Architectural League of NY and Cooper Union, the symposium focusses on water supply in the context of climate change. What’s the relationship between water supply,... More
Join us on Thursday April 16th at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City as part of the Sink or Swim exhibition and lecture series. ALI co-directors Hadley and Peter Arnold will share landscape photography from ancient sites in the US west and experimental geospatial modeling tools in... More