5th Annual Celebrando las Acequias

Celebrando 2012: Ingenious Landscapes, Indigenous Infrastructures and Sustainable Design for Drylands

Ingenious Landscapes: Indigenous Infrastructures and Sustainable Design for Drylands

June 15-18, 2012; Mission Embudo, Embudo/Dixon, NM


Program Includes:

“History to Live By: Puebloan Peoples Farming on the Edge.”
Kurt Anschuetz PhD, Anthropologist, Rio Grande Foundation for Communities and Cultural Landscapes

“The Embudo Land Grant and the Development of the Acequias.”
Estevan Arellano, Journalist, Historian, Acequia Majordomo, and Community Leader, Embudo, NM

“Designing Adaptation: Recent Work in the Embudo Valley.”
Peter Arnold

“Our Canal is Indigenous, Yours is…..: Whence the Technology Came.”
William Doolittle, PhD, Department of Geography and the Environment, UT Austin

“Aqua-Sociology: How Water Built Society in Pre-Columbian New Mexico.”
Severin Fowles, PhD, Department of Anthropology, Barnard/Columbia University

“Strategic Planning for Acequias.”
Paula Garcia, Executive Director, NM Acequia Association

“Spanish Rights, Lawyers Wrongs.”
Thomas Glick, PhD, Professor of History and Gastronomy, Boston University

“The Evolution of Water Management Boards in the Netherlands.”
Jan-Willem Jansens, Ecotone: Environmental and Ecological Planning + Monitoring, Santa Fe, NM

“Finding Global Heritage in Indigenous Agricultural Land Usage.”
Manuel Montoya PhD, Anderson School of Management, University of New Mexico

“Mendoza’s Acequias and the Caciques of Water.”
Jorge Ricardo Ponte, PhD, National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina

“The ‘Duties of Water’ Reconsidered: Landscape Ethics and Infrastructures for Sustainable Design.”
James Wescoat, PhD, Aga Khan Professor of Landscape Studies, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT

June 15 June 18, 2012