Celebrando las Acequias

Ingenious Landscapes: Indigenous Infrastructures and Sustainable Design for Drylands June 15-18, 2012; Mission Embudo, Embudo/Dixon, NM Program Includes: “History to Live By: Puebloan Peoples Farming on the Edge.” Kurt Anschuetz PhD, Anthropologist, Rio Grande Foundation for Communities and... More
Celebrando las Acequias 2013 HERE \ NOW: Drought, Climate Change and the Lower Embudo Valley Overview The sixth Celebrando las Acequias, an annual gathering “exploring land, water and culture in the Lower Embudo Valley,” occurred on Saturday, July 13th, 2013. This year’s Celebrando was different... More
Water + Resilience The fourth annual Celebrando las Acequias brings together farmers, anthropologists, architects, scientists, historians, and artists to consider: • How is resilience defined in your work/your practice/your field? • By what measures is a system considered 'resilient'? • What are... More