Divining LA

Divining LA
Divining LA is a collaborative, multi-year initiative designed to seek, reveal, and champion a water-smart future for Los Angeles, and to position LA as a leader in drylands design globally.  
Divining LA brings together teams of scientists, engineers, architects, landscape architects, artists, historians, urban designers, and policy advisors to envision an abundant future in drylands.
Divining LA will give voice and vision to the next century of water resilience.
Early research, lead collaborators, a digital tool in its proof-of-concept phase, and a design challenge to university and professional design teams are outlined in the PDF below.
Look for updates in the coming months.
Please note:
The materials contained within the PDF are licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-NonDerivs copyright license, 2014.
Users can download and share as long as they credit the Arid Lands Institute at Woodbury University.  Changing the presentation or using for commercial purposes is not allowed.


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