Perkins + Will

Architectural proposals for a hypothetical new home for the Arid Lands Institute on the banks of the LA River are on display at Woodbury for one day only, Saturday, September 27, 10 am to 6 pm. Designs for the "House of Retention" celebrate the future of architecture in drylands: spaces and systems... More
Lots of Angelenos wants to know what they can do to prepare for El Niño. How do I make sure my hillside is safe or my street won't flood, for example? In addition to protecting property from flood damage, there's a long-term water supply benefit to preparing for El Niño, this one or future El Niños... More
A changing climate means a changing water cycle. How will arid and semi arid cities adapt? How will new tools and design methods maximize the recovery and re-use of urban runoff, enhancing city's public spaces while meeting water supply and climate objectives? Our team is delighted to be part of... More