May 2011: Drylands Design Initiative launches

October 13, 2011

May saw the launch of ALI's Drylands Design Initiative: Registration opened for the William Turnbull Jr. Drylands Design Competition, in partnership with CAF; Assistant HUD Secretary Raphael Bostic for Policy Development + Research agreed to deliver the keynote at Woodbury's March 2012 Conference; and ALI partnered with the Architecture + Design Museum of Los Angeles to showcase competition winners in the traveling Drylands Design Exhibit, March 2012. ALI Advisory Board Chair Bernard Friedman hosted a launch event at the MAK Center's Fitzpatrick-Leland House on Mulholland. LA Times journalists Christopher Hawthorne (architecture) and Bettina Boxall (climate) came together to discuss design's role in creating a new landscape of adaptation. 2011 Summer Field Station got underway with a 2,000 mile itinerary of ancient and contemporary infrastructures. ALI was joined by our first research intern from the University of Pennsylvania's landscape program, master's student Jessica Rossi-Mastracci. We are grateful to Anu Mathur and Dilip da Cunha for having sent Jessica our way.