June 2011: 300 Visitors attend Celebrando las Acequias

October 13, 2011

Once again, writer, historian, and farmer Estevan Arellano delivered an amazing program of farmers, musicians, land artists, architects, agronomists, hydrologists, historians, and anthropologists at the Fourth Annual Celebrando Las Acequias. The 3-day symposium held at Mission Embudo, Dixon, New Mexico, brought 300 visitors to this beautiful landscape to contemplate the meaning of resilience in the face of change. Javier Arellano previewed a portion of his important film on acequia culture, and music and dancing followed an awards ceremony honoring: Farmers of the Year Adam Mackie and Steve Jenison of Talón del Gato; Mayordomo of the Year Michael "Javalín" Griego of Acequia de la Apodaca; and Tesoros de la Comunidad Lebeo Martinez and Stan Crawford ALI is a proud sponsor of the Celebrando. We were delighted to be joined this year by Earthworks Institute, led by Jan-Willem Jansens, and also to discover a new cohort of fellow travelers, living, studying, and exploring from a base camp just across the street from ours: archeologist/anthropologist Severin Fowles and his Barnard/Columbia graduate students.