Fall 2012: Design Reckoning in the West, Landscape Architecture Magazine

Extra Dry: Landscape Architecture Magazine Oct 2012
October 1, 2012

When Brad McKee, editor of Landscape Architecture Magazine, attended ALI's Drylands Design Conference in March, he was inpsired to bring more attention to the water challenges facing designers in the West.  

Six months later, he devoted an entire issue to the topic.

The issue includes Drylands Design Competition proposal by Gini Lee and Brooke Madill; Owens Valley work by Los Angeles landscape architects Calvin Abe and Mia Lehrer;  Burbank Water and Power's green retrofit; the Sunnylands estate in Palm Springs; and a closing piece by Hadley Arnold, “Design Reckoning in the West.”  


For more information, see Landscape Architecture Magazine: The Magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects, October 2012.