Drylands Design Competition

Nowhere are the opportunities for global leadership in water-smart design greater than in the US West. Shifts in the economy, demographics, and climate are requiring westerners to rethink the centralized, energy-intensive water systems of the 20th century. What do design professions have to... More
Registration is open for the Drylands Design Competition until November 15th. Entries are due December 15th, and six winners will be selected in mid-January. Winners will develop and present their proposals at the March 2012 Drylands Design Conference, and will be exhibited in a traveling... More
When Brad McKee, editor of Landscape Architecture Magazine , attended ALI's Drylands Design Conference in March, he was inpsired to bring more attention to the water challenges facing designers in the West. Six months later, he devoted an entire issue to the topic. The issue includes Drylands... More