August 2011: Semester of Water Kick-Off

October 14, 2011

ALI was honored and delighted that Woodbury University School of Architecture adopted water issues as the focus topic of the Fall Semester. Studios and seminars throughout the School issued ambitious design challenges to students, ranging from contaminated groundwater remediation sites to wetland restoration, from urban creek daylighting projects to transborder water conflicts. Faculty leading the charge include Jose Parral, Linda Taalman, Anthony Fontenot, Clark Stevens, Deborah Richmond, Jennifer Bonner. Woodbury San Diego "warmed up" their fall semester's "Barrio Scenario" with an all-school workshop resulting in the transformation of back alleys and a side courtyard on the campus. Watch the fun here. We are encouraged, and honored, to learn that schools around CA, the West, and the US have also taken on the drylands design competition brief as a basis for Fall studios