Jennifer Bonner

ALI was honored and delighted that Woodbury University School of Architecture adopted water issues as the focus topic of the Fall Semester. Studios and seminars throughout the School issued ambitious design challenges to students, ranging from contaminated groundwater remediation sites to wetland... More
The Drylands Design Conference---a month ago!--yikes!----was quite a wonderful milestone in the public conversation around water scarcity and design of the built environment. One hundred seventy people attended. The feedback has been very positive, and we will be harvesting its fruits for some considerable time to come. In the meantime, ALI sends a big (if belated) thank you to the behind-the-scenes teams -----More
Jennifer Bonner of Bonner Studio and Georgia Tech writes of her experience advising three ALI theses as a Visiting Professor at Woodbury School of Architecture in 2011-2012. Jennifer focusses on the diverse work of Jesus de Anda (a radical reformulation of Phoenix); Stepan Andreasian (a time-based... More