Woodbury School of Architecture

Sebastian Munoz is a 2010 graduate of Woodbury School of Architecture with a passion for making, building, designing, drawing, and cooking. He served as a project designer for Lehrer Architects LA, from 2009 to 2012, before joining Arktura as a project manager. Arktura is a Los Angeles-based design... More
ALI was honored and delighted that Woodbury University School of Architecture adopted water issues as the focus topic of the Fall Semester. Studios and seminars throughout the School issued ambitious design challenges to students, ranging from contaminated groundwater remediation sites to wetland... More
The Drylands Design Conference---a month ago!--yikes!----was quite a wonderful milestone in the public conversation around water scarcity and design of the built environment. One hundred seventy people attended. The feedback has been very positive, and we will be harvesting its fruits for some considerable time to come. In the meantime, ALI sends a big (if belated) thank you to the behind-the-scenes teams -----More
In "Watershed Moment," Architect magazine's Reed Karaim profiles ALI and makes the case for Divining LA —the design of water-smart architecture and urban form in the face of growing populations and over-stressed water resources in the US West. Read the article on ALI and its next public initiative... More
Groundwork: Fundamentals of GIS ARCH 6744 Peter Arnold, instructor M-F, 1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m Monday, August 11th through Friday, August 22nd Understanding place: using geospatial information for making informed decisions. This two-week bootcamp introduces students to the central concepts and... More
ALI Studio Fall 2014: Divining LA ARCH 691 Grad Studio 5a Peter Arnold, instructor T, F 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m cross-listed with ARCH 489 Design Studio 4B, ARCH 491 Design Studio 5A This Fall the Arid Lands Institute offers an intensive graduate research studio investigating the role urban fabric and... More
In 2000, we returned to Los Angeles at the tail end of a Graham Foundation grant spent criss-crossing the west, photographing water infrastructures, ancient and modern. Our friend, classmate, and colleague Vic Liptak invited us to exhibit the photographs at the school where she was now teaching. It... More