resilience planning

Nowhere are the opportunities for global leadership in water-smart design greater than in the US West. Shifts in the economy, demographics, and climate are requiring westerners to rethink the centralized, energy-intensive water systems of the 20th century. What do design professions have to... More
ALI's Metropolitan Water District/World Water Forum Research Published in Boom: A Journal of California. Water scarcity presents a profound opportunity to designers of the built environment. The questions reach beyond, where do we get more water? Or, How do we make do with less? The answers do not... More
Celebrando las Acequias 2013 facilitated rare valley-wide dialog among the commissioners and parciantes of the Lower Rio Embudo acequia communities. In July, in the face of extreme water stress, fifty neighbors came together to learn from each other, clarify roles and responsibilities, exchange... More
The New Mexico Acequia Association (NMAA) has named the Acequia de La Plaza de Dixon its Restoration and Resiliency Model Acequia for 2013-2014. Building on work conducted in collaboration with ALI since 2009, acequia commissioners David Valdez, Leroy Leonard, and Yolanda Jaramillo will work with... More