June 2011: 4th Annual Celebrando Las Acequias: Water + Resilience

June 6, 2011

4th Annual Celebrando las Acequias: Water + Resilience Please join us for the 2011 Celebrando las Acequias, a free series of public discussions and presentations recognizing the role acequias play in the growing of food in the community and honoring those who take care of the water – the mayordomo. The event begins Friday night June 10 through Sunday afternoon June 12, 2011 in Dixon, New Mexico. For more information, go to: aridlands.woodbury.edu/public_programs/celebrando_2011.html Arid Lands Institute_Celebrando 2011 derivative image courtesy of Sharon Stewart Walking the Ditch, from El Agua es la Vida: A Village Life Portrait portfolio