Fall 2010: Out of Water Exhibition, September 21 through Oct 21, 2010

September 28, 2010

Exhibition: Out of Water ALI is pleased to host the traveling exhibition, Out of Water: Innovative Technologies in Arid Climates, in Fall 2010. Though ALI’s focus is the American West, ALI seeks to bring awareness to low-cost, low-carbon design strategies that are scaleable, replicable, and applicable across semi-arid and arid environments worldwide. Water scarcity is a critical challenge facing both the developed and the developing nations of the world. In developing nations, 2.4 billion people, from every continent, lack access to clean water and basic sanitation. In developed nations, water scarcity and a changing hydrologic cycle brought on by climate change pose major challenges to continued growth. Low-carbon design solutions will be central to sustaining the landscapes and economies of the prosperous West as well as providing dignity, stability and opportunity to the world’s poor. Out of Water: Innovative Technologies in Arid Climates is a traveling exhibition created by Liat Margolis and Aziza Chouani of University of Toronto’s Daniels School of Landscape, Architecture and Design. Exhibited in Toronto, New York’s Architectural League, Ohio State University, and Louisiana State University, the exhibit travels to its first arid climate at Woodbury University, Burbank, CA in Fall 2010. Find out more at: aridlands.woodbury.edu/public_programs/events_fall_publicprograms_OOW_2010_09.html Arid Lands Institute_Exhibition_Out of Water_Fall 2010